Letter: We buy cars not because we love them, but because there's no alternative

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Sir: I cannot agree with Hamish McRae that the City of London police road blocks have reduced traffic and air pollution. Such a reduction may be an incidental result within the City, though this is doubtful.

A cursory examination of some of the City's neighbouring boroughs during the rush hours will show that both forms of pollution have greatly increased. For example, a two-mile bus journey which used to take 15 minutes from Wapping to Liverpool Street now often takes 45 minutes. It would be quicker to walk, but with large volumes of traffic moving so slowly the risk to one's health is too high.

Not only has pollution greatly increased during the rush hours, but the rush hours themselves have been greatly extended, further exacerbating the diminution in quality of life for the City's neighbours and for those travelling to the City by road. The pollution problem has simply been shifted from the City without any regard for those living nearby.

Yours faithfully,


London, E1