Letter: We need natural food

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GOVERNMENT advisers show unusual common sense in beginning to recognise the harm to the environment inherent in genetically engineered crops (report, 25 March).

The shelf-life of a pesticide is around 10 years: that's how long it takes for resistance to develop in the pests it is supposed to kill. In 10 years' time, we will be witnessing a doubling of genetic engineering in our food crops to cope with the novel environment whose "super-pests" we have created. We will, at the same time, be seeing a doubling of the chemicals used to keep pests at bay, and a concomitant doubling of their ill-effects on us and our surroundings.

The modern obsession with using chemicals - be they in the form of genes within or of pesticides without - to impose human will on nature can only lead to a spiralling destruction of our environment. Some would call this suicide.


Chairman, Scottish Consumers Association for Natural Food