LETTER: We subjects are not amused

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From Mr Randhir Singh Bains

Sir: Your leading article "Divorce is the only answer for a modern age" (22 December) rightly states that the British public no longer attaches any stigma to divorce. Neither Prince Charles nor the Princess of Wales, however, is an ordinary member of the public; they are members of an institution that is supposed to act as an epicentre of high moral values. Members of this institution are not democratically elected, but they are still accountable to the general public for espousing and upholding those high moral values.

By admitting adultery in front of millions of television viewers, both Prince Charles and Princess Diana have seriously dented the moral credibility of the institution of monarchy. Like any other person who holds high office but violates its sanctity, they should both "resign" and publicly apologise for undermining the integrity of one of the highest "offices" in the country.

Yours faithfully,

Randhir Singh Bains

Gants Hill, Essex

22 December