Letter: Webber's art

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Your piece on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's art collection ("Taxpayers subsidise paintings on Lloyd Webber's walls", 10 November) misses some points. First, the dog-in-the-manger is an old fable that you must re- read; it is undoubtedly better for all of us that some fine pictures are available for the public to see most of the time rather than never. Second, the apparent tax loss to us because of his method of purchase of some of his pictures is a minute fraction of the tax that he pays; he could leave and take it all with him - new prospective South Bank gallery and all. Third, Lloyd Webber is a donor to the Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Art Foundation. He has at least some entitlement to the pictures, therefore. Finally, art needs its patrons to be encouraged not tormented with gloating photos of their failed marriages. How are these relevant to your argument?

Jeffrey Stern

Heslington, North Yorkshire