Letter: Welsh Tories

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MARY BRAID'S article on John Redwood ('Cool Redwood ruffles the Welsh Dragon', 6 February) surprised me. Wales is by no means a Conservative-free zone. Only two weeks ago more than 200 party faithful from the Cardiff North constituency gathered for supper with Lord Archer, raising some pounds 3,000 for party funds in the process.

Cardiff South and Penarth Conservatives have been at the forefront of a fight to keep the Penarth police station open, organising a 5,000-signature petition.

As to Mr Redwood's alleged shyness and social awkwardness, I saw no evidence of this when he recently visited a private meeting of 50 party workers. Entering a house almost a total stranger, he spoke, answered questions and left having made the acquaintance of everyone present.

I invited some neighbours who, although Conservative, like me could hardly be described as 'Thatcherite'. Sceptical about the man and his manner, they came away impressed by his direct style.

Marc Cranfield-Adams

Cardiff South and Penarth

Conservative Association

South Glamorgan