Letter: Wessex Man offers no policy for Europe

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Sir: How can the Prime Minister justify continuation of the 'veto' by reference to the Kingdom of Wessex ('Major puts veto at heart of Europe poll', 24 May)?

Doubtless, the administrative structures in existence 1,100 years ago, when our islands were divided between Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia et al, dealt admirably with the economic and political problems of the time. Nowadays, these islands are so interlinked with the rest of Europe that most of the important issues facing us, including competitiveness, unemployment, monetary stability, the environment and security, can no longer be tackled efficiently by individual countries. These common problems require effective common institutions. Effectiveness and democracy mean that the minority has to accept the wishes of the majority. And that means no veto.

Are we to assume that, having lost the support of Essex Man, John Major is hoping to attract the vote of Wessex Man?

Yours faithfully,


Wadhurst, East Sussex

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