LETTER: West End is alive and well

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THE West End theatre is always having a thin time of it ("A theatrical misrepresentation", 22 October). I have just been reading some reviews of the 1920s and 1930s. Practically every year is described as thin. I have no doubt critics sitting watching Euripides's Medea at Epidauros in 431BC were complaining that it was a thin decade and things were better in Aeschylus's day.

This week in London there are works by Pinter, Tennessee Williams, Priestley, Ibsen, Bolt, Sondheim, de Filippo, Congreve, Wilde, Shakespeare, Osborne, Albee, Ayckbourn, Hutchinson and Marber plus opera, ballet, musicals and Eddie Izzard. Where else can you get such choice?

Robert Tanitch

London W2