Letter: Western action that the Serbs fear

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Sir: Finally we have seen decisive action in Bosnia. After the turmoil and destruction of the last two years, the UN and Nato have shown, through the courageous decision of General Sir Michael Rose, that Serbian aggression will not and cannot be tolerated any longer.

Frank Allaun mentioned in his letter (13 April) that the UN forces are there to prevent further fighting, but he forgets that the essence of the whole operation is the protection of innocent lives from inhumane torture and slaughter.

What is required is further decisive action, military or otherwise. The international community should be united in its resolve to protect a nation's integrity, as it was during the Gulf war in showing that aggression is not to be rewarded through territorial gains.

I applaud the efforts of our British forces, their courage and their determination. I am proud to be part of a nation that seeks to alleviate the suffering of innocent people, and my prayers are with the soldiers serving in Bosnia today and their families.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW19

13 April