Letter: What older teachers have to offer

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Sir: How can the NASUWT so easily dismiss the qualities that older teachers bring to the classroom (report, 12 April)? If students are "indisciplined and less respectful of authority", is this not a situation where age and experience would be of worth?

To declare that teaching "could prove too much for an older person ... you have to have a lot of vigour to survive" shows a deep misunderstanding of older people's capabilities. Many over-50s are active in demanding jobs; leaders of industry and members of parliament provide just two examples.

An older face in the classroom could go some way to rebuild the intergenerational links missing from so many children's lives. It is only when the generations have the opportunity to work, study and socialise together that we can hope to build a more cohesive society.

Samantha Sherratt

Age Concern

London SE5