Letter: What Wigan worries about

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Sir: I read Polly Toynbee's piece on the Tories in Bournemouth ("Schism,

here we come!", 11 October) with wry amusement. I'm afraid she got herself

into a muddle.

Wigan people certainly don't believe that Europe is the only political

issue. As I told Polly, their big worry is crime - especially the thuggery,

car crime and vandalism that spoils life in many towns. Wiganers are delighted

that the Conservatives are meeting these worries with "zero tolerance".

Describing Wigan as a "no hope seat" also shows a touch of Home Counties

snobbery. Wigan is full of hope. Tourism, golf courses, retail parks,

computer centres and ever-expanding executive housing estates - Wigan's

got them all. Now that really is something that Miss Toynbee should get

excited about.


Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Wigan

Wigan, Lancashire