Letter: What's on Channel 4 these days?

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From Mr Steve Morrison

Sir: I suppose it's tautology for a Scotsman to be described as "cannily myopic" but Thomas Sutcliffe's review of my argument about Channel 4 missed the point about why their schedule has become less public service and more commercial ("General Grade's trench war", 14 December).

Channel 4 now concentrates most of its public service programmes into three hours between 7pm and 10pm where it knows it can't beat ITV and fills the rest of the day and night with conventional material, much of it foreign, to maximise ratings.

Even peak time is changing. For example, Friday nights are now full of soap opera and mainstream comedy, whether commissioned, bought from America or repeated from ITV. A case of Rising Damp!

Yours sincerely,

Steve Morrison

Managing Director


London, SE1

14 December