Letter: When chickens lived on the roof

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Sir: The house with grass on the roof that Peter Cuming plans will not be the first in Kentish Town ("Rabbits on the roof in Britain's greenest house", 14 December).

Nearly 30 years ago the late architect Philip Pank built such a house for his family at Torriano Cottages, where they still live. Chickens occupied a corner of the roof garden at one time, delighting some neighbours, though not all, with their dawn cries.

As to rabbits, we had two for years, much loved by dinner guests for their tameness in spite of their tendency to snatch bread. They also appreciated cigarette ends, dregs of sherry, sugar and, unfortunately, cut flowers.

I would not, however, recommend Peter Cuming to get two males, even limp- pawed ones, as it is the males who tend to dig the largest holes in the lawn. What about two comfortable spinsters in fluffy coats?


London NW5