Letter: When killing is not murder

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Sir: On Friday 25 February 1994, the killer of my son Alex was sentenced at the Old Bailey to five years in prison. I understand that he is likely to serve only 30 months and, as he has already been held in custody since April 1993, will probably be back in society in September 1995.

Alex died at the age of 23 because he was walking with a friend in a suburban high street at about 10pm on Good Friday, 9 April 1993, when he was the victim of what police have said was a violent, unprovoked attack. The killer of my son has a number of previous offences, some of which involved violence against the police.

The original charge of murder was reduced to manslaughter. I understand that this often occurs following plea bargaining, and while I can understand that a guilty plea to manslaughter results in the saving of time and money, I do not accept that justice has been done in this case.

Yours faithfully,