Letter: When men are left holding the baby

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Sir: I suppose political correctness now dictates that only men can be 'sexist', but I cannot escape the sneaking suspicion that Angela Lambert may be - just a little? Her recent articles on single parenthood imply that only women are left holding the baby ('Don't throw stones at us . . .', 12 July). As one of many tens of thousands of single fathers trying to earn a living, run a home and rear a child without the help of nannies or child-minders, I can assure her this is not the case. What is more, we face the additional difficulties of social expectation that we are incapable of doing so.

Where, too, were the mentions of the many unselfish men in failed partnerships who are branded as deserters because they leave their homes so that their children (yes, and sometimes their ex-partners) do not have to? Where is the mention of the multitude of malicious women who, in a spirit of revenge, go to inordinate lengths to prevent fathers having the access to their children to which they are entitled and which their children need?

Yours etc,


Talybont-on-Usk, Powys

12 July