LETTER: When students turn to Jesus

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From Mr Hugh Griffiths

Sir: Fran Abrams ("Students come clean with change of image", 11 December) writes:

Today's Oxbridge students list Jesus Christ and their own parents as their greatest heroes, the Bible as their favourite book and going to church among their favourite leisure activities. And, if that were not bad enough ...

What is it about Christianity and Christian belief that you find so objectionable? Are people supposed to be antagonistic to Jesus and to loathe reading the Bible - and if they do like these things, does this make them somehow less than acceptable?

Some of the values that your paper espouses (which include among them respect for people and the provision of a caring society) are exactly what the Christian faith proclaims as the way we should live. It is a great shame that your news articles and editorial content are so often coloured by the view that relationships are only of concern to the individual and there is no impact on others resulting from the "liberal" use of sex and drugs in their lives.

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Griffiths

New Malden, Surrey