Letter: When tax cuts mean tax hikes

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ONCE AGAIN the Government is to take the gullible British for another tax ride. The present and previous Conservative governments were elected on promises of tax cuts, but VAT was increased from 8 per cent to 17.5 per cent. Vehicle tax is now pounds 125 but only a fraction of the money is spent on the roads while the rest is creamed off as backdoor tax. On commodities such as petrol 'fuel tax' is charged before the VAT is added, therefore we are paying tax on tax. And now another hidden tax: postage stamps are to cost 25p but how many people know why?

The answer is that the Government demands millions from the Post Office every year. Last year it was pounds 68m; this financial year it is pounds 181m. This can only be raised by increasing the cost of postage - another 'backdoor' tax.

Despite all this, British people meekly accept the situation, believe the propaganda and continue to vote for more of the same . . . and we are supposed to be intelligent animals.

Miss W Cockburn

London NW8