Letter: Where the Church offers the young a moral lead

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Sir: When David Maclean, a Home Office minister, complains about the churches remaining 'strangely silent' on the importance of teaching children the difference between right and wrong (26 November), he merely reveals his ignorance.

Week in week out, in all parts of the country, there are thousands of Sunday schools and youth groups doing just that. Their work is helped and complemented by specialist groups such as Covenantors, Crusaders, Campaigners, Pathfinders and Frontier Youth Trust. There are also detached youth workers who regularly meet with youngsters on the streets of our towns and cities.

The fact that Mr Maclean has not heard of all this activity may have something to do with the fact that those involved are more interested in the children and young people than in publicity.

Yours faithfully,


Evangelical Alliance UK

London, SE11