Letter: While Willie promotes, his 'wicked goblin' denigrates

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Sir: In National Science Week it is good to see your Media page recording an increasing commitment to science broadcasting. However, your list of science programming ('What the channels offer', 23 March) omits the role of the BBC in international science broadcasting.

The BBC World Service broadcasts in excess of seven hours a week of science on its English language network and many similar programmes on its 38 vernacular services. In addition, World Service News - both radio and television - carry regular science reports.

With an audience of more than 120 million overseas - with many in the UK listening on Radio 4 long wave, BBC local radio, and on the Astra satellite - the BBC is ensuring that while Britain's international position in scientific research is in decline, its position in international science broadcasting remains pre-eminent.

Yours sincerely,


Science Industry and Medicine Unit

BBC World Service

London, WC2