Letter: White radio rockers exploit black roots

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Sir: Like Robin Katz, I am an American resident in London. I feel that Richard Skinner of Virgin Radio (letter, 23 July) misses the 'key issue' of Ms Katz's article (21 July). Virgin Radio has no equal commercial competition. So why is it allowed to specialise in one Aryan area, like rock, instead of one fully rounded historical period?

This is a delicate subject, because the roots of white rock music are black and not vice versa. If Britain boasts a white rock station but no black station, some Americans will say that once again Britain is exploiting black people for profit. Has this occured to anyone in the UK? Do your history lessons in school discuss the slave trade? Ours do.

As a fan of Virgin Atlantic Airlines (I fly them regularly), I hope everyone at the radio station realises that its treatment of blacks and women could affect how Americans (in America) view Virgin Atlantic Airlines. The airline plays a great mix of music (but not enough women DJs). Let's make the radio station as good as the airline]

Yours sincerely,


London, NW8