Letter: Whitehall mothers

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THE IMPLICATION that civil servants generally are benefiting from the 10 nursery places provided by the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions ("Worried about childcare costs? You're not a civil servant, then", 20 February) is ridiculous. The biggest childcare provider, the Ministry of Defence, only has 500 places. What of the rest? Minimal, if any, provision.

I have worked in the Civil Service since 1974 and have children now aged 20 and 10. Apart from two short breaks for maternity leave, I have continued to work since joining. I have never had regular childcare provision made available to me by my employer and have never been aware of any available at Civil Service sites in the areas I have lived or worked.

Despite campaigns by Civil Service unions, successive governments have not come up with anything meaningful for the vast majority of their employees with children.


Ruislip, Middlesex