Letter: Who watches the HSE?

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BUNHILL (26 September) can be assured that the Health & Safety Executive has agreed terms for Rose Court, the 'opulent' new headquarters he considers we might have swapped for one of the 1960s concrete carbuncles in the government estate.

We will certainly have to pay more rent than at present; the rate of 10 shillings per sq ft paid (since 1940) for our existing rundown headquarters expires next year and is difficult to match. Be assured that the financial and other aspects, however repulsive, of every one of the carbuncles was considered ad nauseum. Had there been anything cheaper than Rose Court, we would have taken it. Believe me, the Treasury hawks who watched our every move rival MI6 in perspicacity; I dare not say MI5.

J D Rimington

Director General

Health & Safety Executive

London W2