Letter: Who will join an identity parade?

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Sir: My war-time identity card brought me nothing but advantage, ensuring a ration book and that my parents were contacted when I was injured during London air raids. Its residue is still in my National Insurance number and on my NHS medical card. It has never been used unfairly or indiscreetly.

So what is there to beef about? Of course, I still pay tax on anything 'saved-up', because 'they' know exactly what I have got. But what the hell?

It is still 'fair' in community terms.

My old identity card still gives me the recognition and dignity of being a person, and of being a contributor to the best country in the world. (I have seen, and worked in, others.) I am proud of my old identity card and would carry or wear a new one with pride.

Yours sincerely, ANNE STEWART CROCKER Bath, Avon 14 October