Letter: Why Britain is still in Bosnia

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Sir: Christopher Bellamy's article "Oh, what a lonely war" (14 December) expresses eloquently the reason why the British Army is still in Bosnia and to some purpose. As Executive director of Feed the Children, I can confirm that the army has built roads,maintained roads and kept roads open for aid vehicles in numerous parts of Bosnia. Despite the huge anger and frustration caused by Bosnian Serb malice in the Bihac pocket and the near failure of the safe haven concept, there are parts of central Bosniawhere the killing has ceased.

The ordinary soldier in Bosnia needs to know that every grim hour spent on duty means that the savagery has at least been slowed, the slaughter contained. It is time we thanked the British soldiers for their determination and recognised success, even if

it is limited.

Yours faithfully, DAVID H. W. GRUBB Executive Director Feed the Children Reading, Berkshire