Letter: Why the media circus should change its acts

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THE complaint about too much pop or too little (Letters, 5 July) is irrelevant. The simple fact is, there is too much arts coverage. The majority of Sunday newspaper articles are either critics banging on ad nauseam about this play/book/film/producer/writer/director, etc, or interviews with other alleged worthies who have just produced a play/book/film.

When I switch on Radio 4 I have no wish to listen to journalists/authors/playwrights all extolling the virtues of their new ventures. Where are the celebrated scientists, industrialists, professors, inventors? Are they deemed too boring?

There can be no sophisticated art without the support of a healthy economy. It therefore follows that, unless science and technology and their personalities are given as fair a crack of the whip as the incestuous bunch currently in residence, youngsters will increasingly move away from the productive side of our economy.

Andrew Phillips

Glan Conwy, Gwynedd