Letter: Why we let down Bosnia's Muslims

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Sir: There is no excuse we can offer Mr Oweidah (letter, 27 May) for the despicable betrayal of Muslims in Bosnia, nor the hideous injustice of allowing Serbian barbarians to achieve their political ends through the slaughter of children and the rape of women. An explanation might be offered.

We are a nation in serious decline. It is many years since we had a government that represented the will of the British people. The elective dictatorship that at present presides over our sorry state adds every day to the list of its errors and offences, and there is little we can do about it. It is incapable of addressing a serious problem. Throughout the horror of Bosnia it was more concerned with the profits of privatisation than the atrocities committed in a country a short flight distant - where many in recent years enjoyed their vacations.

Awareness of Islam is limited to the wealth of the oil-producing states where we might sell our wares - and then, as in the affair of the ridiculous but lethal long-range gun, deny official complicity. We are deeply ashamed of EC impassivity in the face of a murderous onslaught. Our guilt will, like that of the inhuman Serbs, haunt us.



London, W1

27 May