Letter: Why women are not New Age victims

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LINDA GRANT's article 'New Age Ninnies' (27 June) implied that I was out to make 'as much money as possible from telling a gullible audience what to think'.

Had she read my books (Runes for Today's Woman and Tarot for Today's Woman) she might have realised that they aim to save money by cutting women's dependency on fortune tellers, and also try to help women take charge of their own destinies.

I do not pretend that Runes or the Tarot can offer a magic solution. For example, when Miss Grant told me about her ambition to be a novelist I explained that these methods could show the way but that the hard graft of writing would be up to her.

As for her comment that I want to arm housewives with the same magic powers as Samantha in Bewitched - what a wonderful thought] But until I can persuade the broom to do all the house cleaning at the twitch of my nose I shall have to divide my time between the word processor and the kitchen sink.

Cassandra Eason

Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight