LETTER: Why young people don't want to vote

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Sir: I am surprised at Polly Toynbee for taking such a superficial look at the problem of youth voting ("Mrs Thatcher's airhead revenge", 28 April). It has nothing to do with fashion statements or choosiness over which issues are being raised; it's about fear of the future.

Apathy is not indifference to events, it is a form of breakdown in the face of the huge problems we have to find solutions for, quickly. Young people remain as receptive to change and progress as they always have been, but then idealism has been set against the harsh facts of human population growth and the impending environmental catastrophes.

I accept the principle of electing the least worst, but I also accept that we may have to sidestep politics completely if we are to bring about necessary changes. I hope the non-voters are devoting the time they save not engaging in our least worst political system to look for other solutions. If they are, they are doing more good than any passive election junkies.