LETTER: WI operates an open-door policy

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From Mrs Edith West

Sir: The answer to the question posed about the Women's Institute "Why are these women all white?" (Section Two, 7 September) is surely "because it is mainly a gathering of countrywomen", and people of other nationalities tend to congregate in towns.

The WI was formed over 75 years ago to improve the life of women in rural areas. A few years back, the national executive rushed to create city branches; but this move was not 100 per cent popular, it being considered that these were catered for by the Townswomen's Guild, and that we shouldn't poach.

Nowadays, there are many more opportunities available to improve education or skills in town or country, but Women's Institutes are still found mainly in rural areas.

Yours truly

Edith West

Barford, Warwickshire

7 September