Letter: Widdecombe and powers of night

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Sir: Does Ann Widdecombe's crusade against the Howardian forces of darkness reflect the cosmic law that like attracts like? There has been a lot of discussion about this recently and I have first-hand evidence to suggest that it may be so.

On Monday I was listening to the PM programme on Radio 4. Just before the broadcast of Ann Widdecombe's statement to the House about Michael Howard, I had been washing up a frying pan along with its thick reinforced glass lid. The moment the sound of Ann Widdecombe's voice came out of my portable CD/radio set, the glass lid on the frying pan shattered dangerously into many sharp fragments of varying size for no apparent reason.

This must prove that in order to recognise "something of the night" in another person, one must possess a certain absence of the day in oneself.


Faringdon, Oxfordshire