Letter: Wind of recession whips up debate

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Sir: Congratulations on taking the initiative and arranging the Forum for National Recovery, an informative and entertaining day. I note the comments reported by you (9 December) and made at the forum by Andrew Buxton, chief executive and chairman designate of Barclays Bank, when he spoke of small business being run 'on the whole appallingly' and 'by enthusiasts'.

Mr Buxton may have been an 'enthusiast' while running his own small business, and the administration could well have been 'appalling'. However, it is my experience that the reverse is the case. It is only by being professional and efficient that any business will survive. I wonder whether Mr Buxton's somewhat glib comments make a constructive contribution to the debate.

Yours faithfully,


Nigel Bird Architects

London, WC1

9 December