Letter: Wind turbines a threat to climate

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Sir: Tom Stevenson's article ("Costain chaos as fists fly", 7 January), when linked with the accompanying photograph, may have given the impression that Friends of the Earth fought with security guards at Costain's latest extraordinary general meeting. We did not.

Our shareholder campaign against the ill-fated Newbury by-pass has always been conducted peacefully. Violence is not only morally repugnant but counter-productive to effective campaigning. We condemn those who think otherwise, including the few hotheads who aggressively confronted the Costain directors.

Let us not forget, though, that the by-pass builders are committing a far greater wrong by ruining four of Britain's best wildlife reserves, 12 archaeological sites and one listed Civil War battlefield site for a road that will not relieve Newbury's severe congestion.


Director, Friends of the Earth

London N1