Letter: Wind turbines will save our planet

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From Mr David Redom

Sir: So, John Edwards (letter, 24 November) does not believe that "the public" will ever accept thousands of wind turbines.

I personally regard wind turbines as machines of great beauty, just like a tall sailing ship, and will be delighted to see them everywhere in the near future.

Of course, wind speeds being higher over the sea means that being sited off-shore optimises an aerogenerator's efficiency, but there are many excellent inland areas where "the public" can enjoy the thrill of watching and listening to these very green, pollution-free servants of human kind diligently going about their appointed task.

The alternative to pollution-free power sources such as aerogenerators is, in any case, too terrible to contemplate, not just for rural Wales but for the whole planet. So let's ignore Mr Edwards and build a future - aerogenerators are as good a place to start as any and will become a visible symbol of just how much fun saving the planet is going to be.

Yours faithfully,

David Redom

London, N13