Letter: Workplace tragedies

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Sir: We were delighted to read The Independent's front page report about disasters and corporate killing (2 October). Many of our members have been directly affected by these terrible tragedies and others. Twenty thousand people have been killed in workplace accidents and disasters in the 30 years since the Aberfan tragedy and there has been only one successful prosecution for corporate manslaughter. The present situation, which treats corporate financial crime more seriously than corporate negligence, is intolerable.

The Law Commission's proposals for new offences of corporate killing are an important step forward in our campaign for greater corporate responsibility. The detail of the proposals is still being reviewed; we would additionally like to see consideration given to the powers and actions of the investigative teams and to sentencing policy.

We look forward to a time when a corporation's actions are tempered by the knowledge that it will be held fully responsible for the consequences, a situation society already expects of individuals. We hope that the Government gives parliamentary time to convert its good intentions into legislation.



Disaster Action

Woking, Surrey