Letter: Wrong time for Britain

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Sir: Again you seek to promote a change to 'Central European' time (leading article; 'The times, they need a-changin' ', 29 March) without any acknowledgement of the three-year experiment in the 1960s, the abandonment of which met with general relief. Surely, in fairness, you should give some consideration to the reasons why the change was not popular then.

Moreover, you do not address the question why, if the move would be so good for us, there has been no equivalent move on the part of any country already on 'CET' whose solar time is at least an hour ahead of ours (Sweden, 90 per cent of Italy, Austria, Greece, etc).

The argument regarding convenience of dealing with our European partners is met simply by allowing those few thousands so concerned to get up and go to work an hour earlier (in the dark), leaving the remaining millions comfortably abed until daylight.

Yours truly,


London, SE9

30 March