Letter: Wrong to malign a dead boy

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I READ Peter Victor's article with sadness and anger ('When Benji was shot he was Moss Side's martyr', 4 September). I cannot understand why certain facts, such as the clothes Benji Stanley died in and the alleged amount of money in his building society account, were not reported at the time of his tragic death. Both these facts and the timing of their release seem designed to give the impression that Benji was just another 'drug dealer'. Regardless of the above facts, Benji's death remains tragic. He is somebody's son, and his parents love and miss him. They will not be able to grieve properly and in privacy as long as articles such as this keep appearing.

It goes without saying that Moss Side has a massive drug problem, which will only be solved if the community and police work in unison. But with the negative police attitude and their heavy-handed tactics this will never happen. The area is policed with the notion that any person driving a 'nice' car has purchased it with money made illegally.

How about a bit of positive reporting on Moss Side for a change?

Alexandra Bromfield

Moss Side, Manchester