Letter: Yard denies issue of Stagg photo

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Yard denies issue of Stagg photo

Sir: Your article "Deeply suspect" (November 5), is misleading.

At no stage did Scotland Yard issue a photograph of Colin Stagg.

It is not the police who determine "cause of death". It is the pathologist acting for the coroner following a post-mortem examination. In the case of Wayne Douglas, the findings were that he died of a heart condition.

At no time following the shooting of IRA terrorist Diarmuid O'Neill did we imply that there had been a "shoot-out". In fact, we cautioned the media against using such terms and our own early statement said "shots fired during the morning's operation were fired by police".

Your own journalists make full use of our expensive, over-stretched 24- hour press bureau service, and I find it extraordinary that you are so critical of it. My press officers would certainly welcome fewer calls.


Director of Public Affairs

Metropolitan Police

London SW1