Letter: Yeah and no, Jaci

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Sir: I agree with Jaci Stephen that the Sixties generation has inflicted its once-held idealism on the rest of us for far too long. Woodstock '94 is a case in point.

However, I take issue with her unrelenting criticism of the Beatles. One of the main reasons for the group's success was its appeal to people of all ages. The Beatles' early hits may have been 'infantile rhyming exercises', but their music developed through the decade, leading to landmark albums such as Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road.

I, too, hope the three surviving Beatles do not reunite. I doubt it would even be a consideration if John Lennon were alive. Let's remember them the way they were: as the voice of an era, not as the voice of once-idealistic marketing men.

Yours faithfully,


(aged 27)

London, SW20

16 September