Letter: Yet another curb on firearms

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Yet another curb on firearms

Sir: Alun Michael, Minister of State at the Home Office, says the Government is going to look again at all gun controls once the ban on handguns is completed ("Purge on rifles and shotguns", 17 July).

If the Government is about to announce a new round of firearms restrictions, this time on rifles, shotguns and airguns, it should say so now. Many former legitimate handgun owners are now replacing these with legitimate alternatives, either for sport or for pest control. Unexpected further restrictions will be unfair on those involved - and place an even larger compensation burden on the taxpayer.

Two major pieces of legislation restricting handguns in less than a year can perhaps be excused by a change of government. Three separate shots at it in a year is simply bad government.


(Truro and St Austell, Lib Dem)

House of Commons

London SW1