LETTER: You are a road hog, I'm a careful driver

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From Mr Kevin Mason

Sir: As a coach driver, I watch the debate on motorway driving with interest. The car driver who sits in the middle lane doing 70mph is of no concern to me, as we are governed to a speed of 65mph. But Dennis Walker (Letters, 9 January) should bear in mind that the outside lanes of a motorway are designated as overtaking lanes and not cruising lanes.

The ignorant driver who sits in the middle lane doing 50-60mph is oblivious to any other traffic on the road. These people have a total disregard for any other road user and consider themselves persecuted if a coach comes up behind them and flashes its lights.

Until there is a crackdown on these people, the experiment with coaches being confined to the inside and middle lanes will not work.

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Mason

Middlewich, Cheshire