LETTER:A bottle of Perrier to the lucky winner

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From Mr Chris Moorhouse

Sir: Much as I look forward to winning one of your 1970s classics in your current competition, I can't help wondering about the direction that future competitions will take.

Presumably, we are soon to be invited to collect tokens to win 1980s classics in a new competition. By now, I imagine marketing executives have procured a mint-condition MKI Volkswagen Golf GTi or Peugeot 205 GTi, Paul Smith suits, Butler & Wilson jewellery and videos of Oliver Stone's Wall Street and the BBC's advertising soap, Campaign. Perhaps there will be original Swatches, a motor-driven Nikon F3, early editions of the World of Interiors and bottles of Perrier with prise-off crown caps.

It must be too early for a competition to win 1990s classics, but I suspect that when it comes, apart from some Shaker furniture, it will offer experiences rather than things.

Yours sincerely,