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From Lord Walpole

Sir: As one of only to pig-tailed Lords I could not but take your illustration of "Lord Backwood" ("Should we change the rules of this club?", 9 May) personally!

So, I would like to point out that although I do have some rare-breed sheep on my farm, sometimes drive an elderly Bristol motor car and possess a certain affection for Wodehouse, I am an active member of the Crossbenches, attend the House on a regular basis, have been a member of Committee and have spoken several times this year on a range of issues including training for the Probation Service, as well as moving several amendments to the Environment Bill and, most importantly, did not vote with Lady Thatcher as I am a committed European (and was at Eton, not Winchester).

Of course the House needs reform and this is a serious question which must be addressed by all parties.

Yours faithfully,




9 May