LETTER:Asian heroes unseen at VJ Day

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From Mr David Crook

Sir: When serving in Burma as an RAF intelligence officer, I had occasion to meet Aung San, commander of the Burmese guerrilla forces (and father of the admirable Dung San Sucho) and Thakin Than Tun, leader of the Burmese Communist Party. They told me that the rapid advance of the British forces down Burma was largely due to the rising in the rear of the Japanese of the Burmese guerrillas whom they led. At this time, Lord Mountbatten addressed Dung San as "Your Excellency".

After the war, Dung San was invited to London by the British government and given a reception in the parliamentary buildings, hosted, as I recall, by the Lord Chancellor.

In the recent 50th anniversary celebrations of VJ Day, I found no mention in the media of the contributions of the Burmese guerrillas. Is this "politically correct"?

Yours faithfully,

David Crook

London, N4