Letter:Ban weapons but save shooting

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Sir : I have been amazed by the reasons the gun lobby and the Commons committee have given for refusing any form of ban on guns. The same saying is always trotted out at times like this as if it is a gun owner's mantra: "Guns don't kill people, people do."

A gun is a weapon, a tool specifically designed for efficiently killing people. Since killing and maiming are illegal, shouldn't the possession and sale of the tools designed to do just that also be illegal?

The defence of gun owners that if someone wants to kill, they will, is true. Virtually anything can be used to kill, a broken chair leg for example; but without a weapon it is more difficult, it is easier to defend against and it is easier for the police to deal with. All weapons, handguns, rifles or combat knives, should be banned.

The sport of shooting doesn't have to suffer. Single-shot rifles and pistols designed for sport could still be allowed at gun clubs.

The call for more gun controls from the relatives of the Dunblane victims is no panicked cry for revenge. Instead it is a simple conclusion - in a civilised society no one should be allowed to own weapons.