Letter:Better A-level results since schools banished fear from the classroom

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Sir: Once again we are questioning standards at A-level now that this year's record results are out. The exams are assumed to be too easy, but no one is looking at the great improvements that have been made in the standards of teaching at all levels.

Thirty years ago, teaching was largely done through fear. We were all given a fear of failure. Those who coped did well but many pupils with loads of potential but fragile personalities fell by the wayside. Now, the emotional needs of children are paramount to their future success and pupils can now look forward to genuine care and concern through counsellors and well-trained tutors. Most school children now like their school teachers and see them as kind, caring and above all normal people. Fear has gone and a much more healthy working relationship has developed. Happy, well- supported young people learn far better and many more of them achieve their potential. This is why the results continue to improve.

Employers complain of poor literacy standards. For this they should look at the role of television, video and PCs in the lives of young people. A spellchecker now does the job far more quickly than using a dictionary and mini-computers do the maths in a split second. This is surely human evolution rather than poor standards.


London NW5