LETTER:Bilious attacks on 'Modern Review'

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From Ms Jane Jakeman

Sir: Jon Savage's attack on the Modern Review (Letters, 7 June) might be not unconnected with the MR's devastating and hilarious review by Julie Burchill of his book, England's Dreaming. To rub salt in the wound, La Burchill's hatchet job on Mr Savage was reprinted in the last issue of the MR, which will undoubtedly be a collector's item.

I feel somebody should mention this in case your readers think Mr Savage's letter is objective criticism. Niall Ferguson's article ("Drivel that deserved to self-deconstruct", 5 June) was a bit like the assaults of a vicious budgie, but Mr Savage might be taken more seriously.

Like a virtuous Member, I must now reveal my own interest: I was a Modern Review columnist for three years. And the reason the press is carrying such a lot of bilious attacks on the MR is because the media is stuffed full of journalists whose work it turned down.

Yours ever,


Sandhills, Oxfordshire

7 June