Letter:Carey and the causes of 'moral decline'

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Sir: The Archbishop of Canterbury questions whether atheists have a logic for their morality, stating that "of course" religious people have one. In fact, faith, or a holy book, are as illogical a basis for morality as any that the most muddle-headed atheist could come up with. And why does he insist on logic anyway?

If, as he concedes, atheists can be morally virtuous, surely this is the best possible endorsement of their morality, whatever its basis. Has it occurred to him that when people disagree on fundamental values, a healthy scepticism about the origins of morality is the best possible position from which to come to an agreement, or at least a workable compromise? Perhaps it is too much to expect that sort of open-mindedness from someone who sees no contradiction in preaching the virtues of tolerance while hijacking the Millennium for Christianity.