Letter:Carey and the causes of 'moral decline'

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Sir: The Archbishop of Canterbury is fulfilling his role as a prophetic leader in calling for a national debate on morality. He may feel that he "may not do any more than blow trumpets from castle walls and warn", but there he is in good company. The old prophets warned from hilltops and palace precincts.

Morality is to do with how we behave in relation to others. Whether we allow them the same value that we give to ourselves. If we deny this value to those who are not "like us" we can end up denying their very humanity. There are already too many people who feel that they have no part in the current society, who feel marginalised. Morality is about personal responsibility and social responsibility. We should not only be concerned about the effects of our own personal actions, but the results of actions taken in our name by our national leaders.

If the Archbishop can make us more aware of the consequences of our actions or inactions he will perform a valuable service to all Christians and non-Christians.


Crowle, Worcester