LETTER:Comic Relief shows the role of private charity

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From Mr Kevin Cahill

Sir: The money raised by Comic Relief is used to help some of the poorest people at home in the UK and in Africa.

By funding the work of other charities, we are able to contribute to the struggle to get young homeless people off the streets, support pensioners living in abject poverty, provide basic needs like clean water and shelter for refugees fleeing from wars in places like Southern Sudan and help dry-land farmers eke out what little water they have to make their families' lives sustainable.

For the Rev Paul Nicolson to call this "an indulgent distraction" (Letters, 20 March) is a shocking insult, not only to the work of Comic Relief, but also to the true compassion and generosity of the British public. They helped us raised £11.4m on Friday, every penny of which will go towards combating poverty in its various forms.

I would have thought that as a Reverend he would have found this mass demonstration of concern for some of the most vulnerable people in our society an inspiration rather than something to rail against.



Deputy Director (Creative)

Charity Projects/Comic Relief

Comic Relief

London, W12

20 March