LETTER:Community? I prefer privacy

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From Mrs Valerie Marshall

Sir: Now we have "communitarianism", backed by Tony Blair. As a citizen, I will be expected to contribute to my community, volunteer as a leisure- time fireperson, road cleaner and street party organiser. I will not do it.

I vote Labour so that the basic necessities of our society are paid for and kept in place. As a business owner, I give to local charities and participate reluctantly in self-help schemes to keep our market town alive. Now "communitarianism" wants my private life as well.

What is a high-tax-paying, law-abiding, self-reliant loner to do? What I will do is to take as little as possible from the state.What I will not do is sweep the streets and socialise at street parties.

Yours faithfully,


Bishop's Stortford,