LETTER:Discrimination inside the Met

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From Ms Jackie Cole

Sir: I find Sir Paul Condon's letter (30 October) both flattering and distressing. Flattering because the Commissioner must obviously feel the addition of one full-time female representative would help to solve all the problems of harassment and discrimination within the Metropolitan Police. Disturbing because what the Commissioner failed to mention in his letter was that this full-time position was offered as part of a package, along with an offer of full-time male representatives, in return for overall reduction in federation representation. Because of this, the offer was totally unacceptable.

If Sir Paul would again make the offer of a full-time female representative, without imposing any conditions, this would be a welcome addition to the full-time representation and, as he points out, would greatly assist my colleagues who, on a daily basis, are reporting incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination from within the Metropolitan Police Service.

Yours faithfully,

Jackie Cole

Metropolitan Police

Federation Representative

Police Federation

London, E14

2 November